If simplicity was a building material. 
If light was tangible. 
In other words, marble.

We know marble well since 1976. From the moment of cutting it to the moment of installation, from production to maintenance, we are dedicated to marble and make it available directly or in collaboration with selected suppliers, engineers, architects, interior designers and specialized crews.

New Arrivals Modern trends are the classics of tommorow. Take a look. Everything new that you see here today will remain new forever. There is no limit to creativity when it comes to marble and other decorative natural stones thus new materials, new cuts and fresh ideas are introduced everyday. More
PNEVMATIKOS MARBLE is delighted to represent FONDOVALLE, a leading company in the porcelain stoneware field. Incorporating different textures, carefully chosen to create ‘interaction’, FONDOVALLE’s surface effects are inspired by cement, metal, wood, stone, and fabric. Through expert processing, the company’s porcelain stoneware recreates the unique, original character of these materials, naturally and with impact, lending the products a crafted feel. More

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