Interior Design
Added value. We are inspired by your vision to add style and class to any space and offer you complete quality support step by step.

Our expertise gives the advantage of exclusive interior design services. Our team studies your space and gives you the opportunity not only to visualize the result but to actually "see" it coming to life, from the initial design till final placement.

Select the services that meet your expectations.

  • Consulting
  • Consulting, design, study presentation
  • Design and detailed proposal presentation with photorealistic images
Implementation; the best moment of the creative idea.

Our passion for detail ensures that each project is thoroughly studied and designed with consistence and accuracy, from the moment we produce the surfaces till the moment of installation. No surprises or detours no matter how demanding the vision. Our collaboration with selected crews is what ensures an impeccable end-result.

Maintenance & Revamp
There is no limit to change when the material itself lasts a lifetime. It’s a matter of investment.

Special stones have special characteristics and special requirements. We offer full support of selected services like maintenance, restoration, polishing, refurbishment or full replacement and reconstruction. For lifetime quality results we collaborate only with certified professional crews that use the latest technologies and safest equipment available.

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Marble and other natural stones can live forever but forever depends on how much you take care of them.

These materials breathe. They are naturally porous and thirsty, so they can stain easily. Let us inform you about each stone’s special needs individually. For your business, we encourage you to trust our specialized crews. Here are some general tips to help you avoid common mistakes at home:

Avoid all cleaners that are unsuitable for marble and porous natural stones. Do not use any acidic substances such as vinegar or lemon and don’t improvise mixing chemicals such as bleach with ammonia, as this is harmful to the surfaces and dangerous for your health.

Avoid metallic sponges and be cautious when using your vacuum, to prevent scratches. Use coasters and placemats and avoid placing cold or hot cookware directly onto the surfaces.

Opt to dust and wipe as frequently as possible. If you spill something by accident, wipe it immediately with a soft cloth, wash the surface or floor with a neutral pH cleaner (e.g. dissolve 5ml dish washer liquid per 1 liter water) and immediately pat dry the area with a soft cloth.

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