Could you ever believe that a chocolate made out of marble would look so real? 

It is this time of the year that all of us here in the office are getting ready for the notorious Greek summer. And we all know what that means… Strict diet!

Today, when we usually wonder what should we order in, or what goodie has our colleague brought in her launch bag, due to the compulsory deprivation imposed by our strong will for a perfect summer body, we started day dreaming about ice cream, lollipops, chocolates, pralines, bonbons.

Drooling on all the above, in our office “marble” environment, we all instantly thought of Olivia’s Lee Marvellous Marble Factory addressed by the SingaPlural 2015 festival theme of “Process”.

In this wonderful installation, the artist highlights the exquisite nature of marble through the playful subversion of materiality, scale and process.

Her imaginary candy factory, produces marble pralines and chocolates, onyx lollipops, granite ice creams. 

‘the installation presents a fabricated tale of how marble is ‘made’ in a fictional universe where pigments are sourced from exotic locales, amalgamated and cured into the slabs we see today’, explains Olivia Lee‘machines for the factory were built from scratch to add weight to the reality of this world. these contraptions were designed to look possible, yet ultimately farcical. the marvellous marble factory begs the question: what is more important? consuming the story or the truth?’.

 We find it absolutely amazing that marble, even in such a small scale, can be so impressive and beautiful!

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